Hi, my name is Ryan. I am a writer, artist, and animator, creating new content for my blog, books, and YouTube channel.

When I was younger, I loved going to the zoo and developed a strong interest in zoology and animal conservation. I used to spend hours creating animal encyclopedias, animal comic-books, and coloring pages for my siblings.

The way animals survive, interact, and evolve is fascinating to me. From okapis of the African Congo to blue-ringed octopuses of the Pacific, animals across the globe always surprise us with their unique behavior and their importance to the natural world. I am an avid reader of new animal discoveries, writing about the most interesting of these on my blog. The goal of my blog, books, and YouTube channel is to educate people — specifically children — about animals in danger and hopefully help save them.

All revenue collected from my blog goes to the World Wildlife Fund, an organization that actively helps conserve the animals, plants, and habitats of the world.


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